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Class 10 Science Bilingual

By Teach Tech

Medium : Bilingual

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  • Class- Class 10
  • Subject- Science
  • Medium- Bilingual
About Product

Total no.of video:188

No. of solved Que.:

Duration :142H:58M:12S

Language: bilingual (Hindi+English)

Chemistry: Prof. Anoop Kumar


 Experience: 15+Year

 Physics : Prof. S.M.Tripathi

[B.Tech(Hons.),Machenical Engineering]

Experience: 12+Year

Product Features

* Best Science video course prepared by rich experienced and subject expert faculty.

* Easy Method To Explain Difficult Questions.

 *100% NCERT+Advance Solution With All Other Prescribed Board.*Explanation of Formula Derivation/Basic/Solved Additional Questions and Tricks.

*High Quality Recorded Pendrive/SD Card available for Computer/Laptop/Mobile/Tab. in Very Reasonable Price.

*Appreciated By Parents and Senior Teachers of School & Colleges.



01. Chemical Reaction and Equations.

02. Acid Bases and salt

03. Metals and Non- Metals

 06. Life Process

 07. Control and Coordination

 08. How do Organism Reproduce

09. Heredity and Evolutions

10. Light- Reflection and Refraction.

12. Electricity.

13. magnetic Effect of Electric Current.

14. Source of Energy.

15. Our Environment