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12 Mathematics (Bilingual)

By Teach Tech

Medium : Bilingual

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  • Class- Class 12
  • Subject- Mathematics
  • Medium- Bilingual
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Total no.of video : 259

Duration :201H:25M:00s .Language: bilingual (Hindi+English)

Teacher :Prof. Mahadeo Bhopte [M.Sc., M.Phil (Maths), MBA(HR), B.E.(CSE)] Experience: 20+Year

Product Features

1. Best Maths video course prepared by rich experienced and subject expert faculty.

2. Easy Method To Explain Difficult Questions.

3. 100% NCERT+Advance Solution With All Other Prescribed Board.

4. Explanation of all Formula Derivation/Basic/Solved Additional Questions and Tricks.

5. High Quality Video in Very Reasonable Price. 6. Appreciated By Parents and Senior Teachers of School & Colleges.





03. Binary Operations.

04. Inverse Trigonometric Functions.

05. Matrices.

06. Determinants.

07. Inverse of Matrices.


09. Differentiability.

10. Differentiations

11.Higher order Derivatives.

12. Mean value Theorems.

13. Derivatives As a Rate Measures.

14. Increasing and Decreasing Functions.

15.Tangents And Normals.

16. Approximations.

17. Maxima and Minima.

18. Indefinite Integrals.

19. Definite Integrals.

20. Application of Intregals

21.Differential Equations

22. Vector Algebra

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