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Class 9 Science

By Teach Tech

Medium : Bilingual

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  • Class- Class 9
  • Subject- Science
  • Medium- Bilingual
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Chemistry: Prof. Anoop Kumar [M.Pharma.,Ph.D.*], Experience: 15+Year Physics : Prof. S.M.Tripathi [B.Tech(Hons.),Machenical Engineering] Experience: 12+Year

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* Best Science video course prepared by rich experienced and subject expert faculty. * Easy Method To Explain Difficult Questions. *100% NCERT+Advance Solution With All Other Prescribed Board.*Explanation of Formula Derivation/Basic/Solved Additional Questions and Tricks.*High Quality Recorded Pendrive/SD Card available for Computer/Laptop/Mobile/Tab. in Very Reasonable Price. *Appreciated By Parents and Senior Teachers of School & Colleges. Total no.of video: 177 No. of solved Que.: Duration: 107H:09M:48S Language: bilingual (Hindi+English)


CONTENT: 01. Matter in our surrounding.

02. Is Matter around us pure.

03. Atom and molecules.

04.Structure of the atom.

05.The Fundamental unit of life.

06. Tissues.

07.Diversity in livin Organisms.


09. Forces and Laws of Motion.


11. Work and Energy.

12. Sound.

13.Why Do we fall ill.

14. Natural Resources.

15. Improvement in food resources.

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