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English Grammar (अंग्रेजी ग्रामर)

By Teach Tech

Medium : Bilingual

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  • Class- General
  • Subject- English Grammar
  • Medium- Bilingual
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1. Best English Grammar  video course prepared by rich experienced and subject expert faculty.

 2. Easy Method To Explain Difficult Concept.

 3. 100% Grammar, Exercises With All Other Prescribed Board and competitive exam.

4. Explanation of all Basic/Rules/Exercises/Additional Questions and Tricks.

5. High Quality Pendrive/SD Card available for Computer/Laptop/Mobile/Tab. in Very Reasonable Price.

 6. Appreciated By Parents and Senior Teachers of School & Colleges.


English Grammar Contents.

1.Introduction: History of English, Types of Sentence, Strucure of Sentences(Subject Predicate)

2.Noun:Noun Introduction, Types of Noun, Noun and cases(Exercise)

3.Pronoun: Types of Pronoun, Indefinite Pronoun, Relative Pronoun, Different Types of Pronoun, Types of Pronoun, Adjective, Types of Adjective(Exercise)

4.Adverb and Adjectives: Adverb, Types of Adverb, Formation of Adverb, Position of Adverb, Adverb, Interjection

5.Comparision of Adjectives: Comparisons of Adjective (Exercise) use of some important Adjective(Exercise)

6. Conjunction: Conjunction ,types of Conjunction, Correlative Conjunction, Subordinate Conjunction, Subordinate Conjunction Result and Consequences, Subordinate Conjunction of Condition and Comparisons, Conjunctions Exercise

07.Verb:   Verb, Types of Verb, Modal Verb, Gerund, Infinitive and Participle, participle (Exercise)

08.Preposition: Preposition of Place, Preposition of Time, Preposition of Direction, Other Prepositions, Preposition (Exercise)

09.Articles:  Articles (Basic), Use Of Indefinite Articles (A, An), Use of Definite Articles(The), No Article Use, Article Exercise

10.Subject Verb Syntax : Subject Verb Syntax rules, Subject Verb Syntax Exercise

11.Tense: Verb Introduction to Tense, Present Indefinite Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Present Perfect Tense, Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Past Indefinite Tense and Uses of Past Indefinite Tense, Past Indefinite Tense and Past Continuous Tense, Past Continuous Tense, Past perfect Tense, Past perfect Continuous Tense, Future  Indefinite Tense, Future Continuous Tense, Future perfect Tense, Future Perfect Continuous Tense, Tense Exercise

12. Voice: Voice Instruction and Rules, Voice Present Indefinite tense, Present Continuous tense, Voice  Past Indefinite Tense, Past continuous Tense, Voice Modal Verb, Structural Rules, Voice Structural Rules, Voice Interrogative, WH Words (Active to Passive Voice), Imperative Active to Passive Voice(Rules), Infinite Active to Passive Voice (Rules), Voice - Where By is not Used (Rules), Voice  Exercise

13.Narration and Speech: Introduction Passive to Active Conversion, Narration , Speech introductions and Rules, Narration, Speech Rules, Narration, Speech Rules, Narration- Interrogative, Exclamatory sentence Rules, Narration Imperative Sentence Rules, Narration Optative Sentence Rules, Narration Exercise

14.Punctuation Marks: Punctuation marks (Basic), Punctuation mark - Comma and Semi colon, Punctuation Mark -Colon, Hyphen , Dash, Apostrophe, Punctuation mark - Inverted commas, Brackets, Punctuation Mark - Capital letters, Exercise

15.Question Tag: Question Tags - Basic and Rules, Question Tag - Rules and Exercise

16. Clause: Clause, types of clause, Types of Dependent Clause,  Adverb Clause, Types of Adverb clause

17. Sentence: Sentence and Exercise

18. Written Composition: Notice writing, Message writing, Paragraph writing, Paragraph writing